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ERASMUS Mundus and Consortium scholarships are foreseen for non-European and European students Emaro+ scholarships


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The call for applications for the intake 2017/2019 is currently open for self-funded students from EUROPE.


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The language of instruction and examinations is English. The thesis is also written and defended in English. To facilitate the integration of the students in the hosting country, the first two weeks of each year of the Master (September) are devoted to an intensive local language course of the hosting country. Students also have language and culture courses as a part of the first semester and the third semester. During the second and fourth semesters, language course will be offered outside the Masters programme for students who want to deepen their language skills. As a consequence, each student will practice in three language courses (English and two local languages). Mastering the local language will be important if the student is hired for PhD in one of his hosting countries.