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Castelló is the northernmost province of the Valencian Community. It is located 65 kilometres to the north of Valencia and 285 kilometres to the south of Barcelona.

The Mediterranean Sea, which stretches over 112 km off the coast of Castelló, offers a great variety of very clean beaches. Actually, most of them have been awarded EU’s Blue Flags (a guarantee of quality), among which the Serradal, Gurugú and el Pinar beaches stand out. A significant part of the exports are shipped through the port, one of the cornerstones of the province’s economy, which is mainly based on the ceramics industry, agriculture and tourism.

The weather is pleasant all year round thanks to two facts: the proximity of the sea and of the Desert de les Palmes, a nearby small range of mountains which protect the town against the cold northwestern winds. The two factors combined allow for an average yearly temperature of 17ºC, which makes open air activities possible throughout the year.



Students must enter Spain with a student visa, for which they will need, among others, three basic documents:

  • Letter of admission to the master’s course.
  • Medical insurance covering hospital stays and body repatriation (the policy must be provided in Spanish).
  • Proof of sufficient economic means to live in Spain
  • A health certificate signed by a doctor
  • A certificate proving they have no criminal record, if aged over 18.


For more information before the arrival, please check the following web page of the Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry: (“Citizen services / Information for foreigners” section).

Once in Castelló, students must visit the foreign office of the Spanish Home Office during the first month of their stay in order to apply for a student card. You will find further information at:


Health Care

The UJI has a health centre available to the University community on the Riu Sec campus. The purpose of this centre is to provide an immediate response to the basic health care needs that may arise at our University.

This centre, which has a doctor, a psychologist and a nurse, can be used by both UJI students and staff. Nevertheless, in order to receive full health care in Spain, before leaving your country you will need to request the European Health Insurance Card if you are a European Union citizen. If you are from outside the EU, you will have to take your own private medical insurance that includes hospital stays.

The Social Security systems in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Morocco and Tunisia have come to an agreement on health care with the Spanish Social Security for their citizens:

Before leaving their countries, anyone interested should inquire about how to export this benefit to Spain.