Advanced Robotics

Scholarships selection results


1. When will you tell me the result of my application to a consortium scholarship?

Consortium scholarships results will be decided in April for both Programme country (category A) and Partner country (category B). The students will be classified into three lists: main list, reserve list and non-selected list. The Main list students are ensured of having the scholarship, students on the top of reserve list can be upgraded to the main list in case of withdrawal of students from the main list.

2. I am on the reserve list for a consortium scholarship: what are my chances to be actually awarded it?

We can not answer this question. Students on the reserve list may be awarded a consortium scholarship only in replacement of a student of the main list. Upgrades from reserve to main list are notified by email. Students who are on the top of the reserve list have a better chance to be upgraded to the main list. 

3. Until when can I wait for a possible upgrade from the reserve list to the main list ?

Your scholarship status may be upgraded from reserve to main list at any time until September, when the program starts. We cannot be more precise about that.