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The objectives of EMARO+

During the previous years, EMARO+ contributed in achieving the objectives of Erasmus Mundus programmes in improving the quality of higher education in Europe, promoting co-operation with third countries, promoting European quality offer in higher education, encouraging incoming mobility of third-country graduate students and scholars, fostering structured co-operation with third-country higher education institutions and improving profile, visibility and accessibility of European higher education in the world. For the next years our objectives are to continue pursueing these general objectives of Erasmus Mundus, and to have as particular objectives:

1- To develop a strong international and sustainable post-graduate programme in robotics within interdisciplinary and intersectoral research teams composed of 11 European and Asian higher education institutions and leading robotics companies.


2- To provide industry, research institutions and teams with a new generation of engineers, researchers and system designers who have a sufficiently broad perspective to undertake the development of robotics and its integration into applications. We note that the number of MSc courses in Europe dealing with robotics is not sufficient to comply with the needs in industry and Ph.D positions.


3- To foster the research capacity of the consortium teams  by developing durable and reusable expertise and know–how.


4- To develop joint projects, internships, and co-tutoring in cooperation with worldwide leader robotics companies and customers.


5- To offer young graduates the opportunity of having an attractive  job in a strategic domain (see professional prospective section).