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ERASMUS Mundus and Consortium scholarships are foreseen for non-European and European students Emaro+ scholarships


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The call for applications for the intake 2017/2019 is currently open for self-funded students from EUROPE.


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Why a robotics master course ?


Robotics has a huge industrial and social relevance, a strong potential impact on the economy and everyday life of people, and it is strategic for Europe. Robots will benefit European citizens by enabling new kinds of industrial automation; adding intelligence, functions, autonomy, performance to the future environment and machines; providing a wide range of innovative products and services; enhancing safety, security, healthcare and quality of life. But one finds very few robots in everyday life, and industrial applications are very conservative and progress slower than robotics research does. Robotics is a key technology for sustainable mass and mass customized industrial production, and to preserve entire industrial sectors in Europe. The potential market of care, housekeeping and other everyday life robotics is huge and almost unexploited today, because the know-how resides in universities and research centres and the effort to transfer it to the industry is insufficient. As a consequence, the mass production of service robotic systems does not start. The gap in robotics between research and market can be filled by new generations of experts, trained to research, and aware and prepared to co-develop and transfer their results to the industry. The aim of EMARO+ is to contribute to train these experts.